What is Chinese Herbal Medicine and how does it work?

To understand how Chinese Herbal Medicine works one might imagine that each herb has a unique personality and each personality have been carefully studied and categorised according to how they behave individually and collectively.

Some herbs will be hot in nature, some cold, some mild, and some harsh, some might have an astringing, dispersing, ascending, descending, stimulating, moving or slowing, sedating action.

When individual herbs are combined into a herbal formula a unique energetic matrix is created.  If a practitioner desires a cooler, more sedate effect, they will combine cooler, milder herbs.  If a more aggressive action is desired more aggressive, fiery herbs will be selected.

By knowing and understanding the personality of each herb practitioners are able to design and adapt an overall formula to suit the specific needs of each client perfectly.

We are an ethical practice

Over the years Chinese Medicine has received some bad press in terms of the use of endangered species, cruelty to animals and suspect herb quality.

At our clinic we only use ethical products.  We do not use endangered plant or animal species or animal products that involve cruelty to harvest.

We stock a small range of animal products which we are satisfied do not impact on animal welfare to harvest.  We will always ask for your permission if we intend to use animal products or use suitable plant based substitutes instead.

We believe this is the best that we can do to guarantee a quality end product for consumers.

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