What is Chinese medicine

Our treatment model: What to expect from treatment?

Chinese Medicine always has a treatment plan No two people ever receive identical or ‘standard’ Chinese Medicine care nor do they arrive seeking the same kind of attention. We design tailored, personal health programs that fit the special needs of our clients, taking into account the whole person and their life circumstances. Acute or symptomatic […]


What is Acupuncture and how does it work?

Acupuncture is one of the two main modalities under the umbrella of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the other being Chinese Herbal Medicine. The Meridian System The ancient Chinese developed and mapped the meridian system over many centuries through a combination of observation and clinical experience, the meridian system is one of the fundamental foundations of Chinese […]


What is Chinese Herbal Medicine and how does it work?

To understand how Chinese Herbal Medicine works one might imagine that each herb has a unique personality and each personality have been carefully studied and categorised according to how they behave individually and collectively. Some herbs will be hot in nature, some cold, some mild, and some harsh, some might have an astringing, dispersing, ascending, […]


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