Birth Preparation

Preparation for birth

birth-preparation-with-bamboo-spirit-chinese-medicineOver the last 10 years I have listened to the pregnancy and birth stories of 100’s of women.

I have heard what women struggled with, where they found joy, what they would like more of, or less of as they have made the journey inward preparing for natural birth.

At Bamboo Spirit our birth preparation program has evolved from these stories, combined with numerous attendances at birth.

What is involved?

Our birth preparation program is built into pre-birth acupuncture consultations.

Pre-birth acupuncture offers a woman a proactive measure to get her body into the best possible condition mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to encourage the natural unfolding of physiological labour and childbirth.

Standard acupuncture points are used to calm anxiety, move awareness into the lower abdomen, soften and relax the ligaments and tendons of the pelvis and assist your baby to engage.  This lays the foundation for childbirth.

Extra points can be added to address symptoms commonly appearing in later pregnancy such as haemorrhoids, oedema of the hands and feet, fatigue, heartburn, anxiety, sleep difficulty, tiredness, and back pain.

Added extras

By helping a woman to find her internal centre (much like a spinning top does when it finds its balanced, centre-point and spins effortlessly) she is placed strongly in the center of her birth experience no matter what chaos is happening externally.

At times during a labour a woman will inevitably wobble.  The wobble is not so important, but the ‘how to get out of wobble’ is crucial if you intend natural birth.

Pre-birth sessions teach women optimal birth positions and how to integrate breathing and active movement techniques during labour to relax and settle into the challenges of labour.

We also help to prepare your support team for the big day by teaching acupressure for pain relief during labour, thus enhancing partner involvement and connection.

If you think birth is purely a physical experience, then think again.

The transition from maiden to mother is profound.

Invariably during these sessions mental, emotional and spiritual opening and unlocking occurs, old wounds and fears surface, seeking healing.

By using acupuncture to balance and strengthen a person’s internal centre-point, fears are expressed and released, lessons are learned and old patterns are healed so there is no holding on once the first sign of labour hits.

Who should consider pre-birth acupuncture?

We believe that pre-birth acupuncture is essential for first time mums planning a natural birth and women attempting vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), latecomers to our model of care (i.e. bookings made after week 34) and women with a history of birth trauma.  It is optional for all other women preparing for subsequent births.

When should I start and how often should I come?

Weekly treatments should ideally begin from 34-36 weeks of pregnancy, however late comers are also welcome.