With over 2500 years of history Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest continually practised system of medicine in the world, however compared with Western Medicine the principles and practices of Chinese Medicine are not well understood in the West.

Maximum therapeutic benefit is not able to be achieved by simply accessing and using Chinese Medicine as one might use Western Medical treatment and new clients are often unfamiliar with how Chinese Medicine works and what Chinese Medicine practitioners do.

‘Unlocking the Mysteries of Chinese Medicine: A Reference Manual for Consumers’

book-coverKaren’s book entitled ‘Unlocking the Mysteries of Chinese Medicine: A Reference Manual for Consumers’ aims to make Chinese Medicine more approachable and help consumers understand more fully the principles and practices of Chinese Medicine.

The book explains the profound yet not well understood philosophical concepts that form the foundation of Chinese Medicine and strips away much of the foreign, unapproachable language. It is a useful adjunct to clinic treatment.

All new clients to the clinic receive a complimentary free copy.

‘Having a baby in Melbourne: The path to becoming an informed consumer’

having-a-baby-in-melbourne-the-path-to-becoming-an-informed-consumer-bamboo-spiritThis booklet is aimed at helping women inform their pregnancy and birth choices and explores the types of care providers and models of care servicing the maternity services industry in Melbourne.

It contains a useful comparison of the estimated out-of-pocket expense for the most common models of care, statistics relating to birth outcomes and a list of interview questions for your prospective care providers.

It also introduces our women-centered, integrated model of care which is delivering remarkable results and designed to cater for women seeking no- to low-intervention approaches during pregnancy and childbirth.