Relaxation Drops

Our Relaxation Drops are based on an ancient formula called ‘Xiao Yao San’.

The exact origins of this formula are unknown however it was first published during the Tai Ping Era in 992AD. The formula name roughly translates to the ‘free and easy wanderer formula’ and its function can be compared to the free and flowing nature of water.

The ancient Chinese Taoists believed that a harmonious life was one lived effortlessly, without striving or competing. The healthy ideal was to remain relaxed and tranquil, flowing around life’s obstacles and difficulties like water rather than resisting, fighting or stagnating.

As such this formula is excellent for treating disorders where stress is a contributing or complicating factor.

This preparation comes in tincture form and is made by soaking herbs in an alcohol based solution and steeping for a few weeks. Tinctures tend to be absorbed more quickly, have a milder taste and require little preparation making compliance much easier.

Three full droppers can be taken neat onto the tongue or added to 100mls of water and repeated 3-6 times per day as needed. They are particularly useful to take prior to entering into knowingly stressful situations such as exams or business meetings.

Price: 100ml bottle $22 including GST

Chicken Soup for the Postnatal Soul

The herbal ingredients for this soup can be sourced from your local Asian grocer although because of the language barrier it can be difficult to get the correct ingredients in user-friendly quantities.

For your convenience we provide these easy-to-use single soup packs through at the clinic.

All of the herbal ingredients are edible and each soup can be prepared in advance, divided into 7 portions and individually frozen to be defrosted and reheated as needed.

New mothers should take one bowl of soup daily for the first 4-6 weeks after birth and cease once the period returns.

Please note that according to Chinese Medicine postnatal women are best advised to avoid cold, raw food and fluid and take nourishing, warming, slow cooked food, even during the warmer months.

We also advise against post-natal dieting for weight loss because failure to take adequate nourishment will further weak your body as it recovers from pregnancy and childbirth. Dieting can also increase the risk of post-natal complications and may result in health problems later on in life.

Price: $15 (GST included)

Cold & Flu Capsules

The last thing that our clients want to do when they get sick with a cold or flu is to leave their sick bed to attend a clinic appointment. With this in mind we have created our legendary cold and flu capsules.

This succinct little formula can be kept in ones glove box, handbag or first aid cupboard and taken as a first line herbal defence against the common cold.

Simply take 4 capsules every hour with the first hint of a sore throat, sniffle, generalised body aches and mild chills or fever. Repeat up to 4-6 times per day and cease once symptoms have resolved.

If symptoms persist after 24 hours call the clinic on (03) 9502 4442 for further advice.

Cold and Flu Capsules can be used all year round regardless of the season and are perfectly combine with our simple home and dietary remedies during the cooler Autumn-Winter months.

Price: Small bottle $38.50 (inc. GST); Large bottle: $77.00 (inc. GST)


Naughty Pills

Our Naughty Pill formula represents a new take on an ancient classic called ‘Wen Dan Tang’, which originated in the 6th century AD.

This aptly named formula is used primarily as a remedy for the unpleasant effects of overindulgence in food and alcohol and the excessive consumption of greasy, heavy, oily, junk food.  These substances all tend to weigh the body down causing the tongue to become thickly coated, resultingin symptoms that include muzzy, foggy-headedness, headaches, nausea, body heaviness and fatigue.

We evolved this formula over a number of years relying on a combination of clinical practice and personal experience (even Chinese medicine practitioners enjoy the odd quaff and late night out followed by a meal of greasy fish and chips).

Suffice to say our Naughty Pills should be favourably considered for use in the aftermath of a ‘big night out’or when you are feeling a bit lacklustre after a period of having ‘just a little bit too much fun’.

Dose: take 4 capsules three times per day as instructed or until symptoms resolve.

Price: Small bottle $38.50 (inc. GST); Large bottle: $77.00 (inc. GST)