Our treatment model: What to expect from treatment?

Chinese Medicine always has a treatment plan

No two people ever receive identical or ‘standard’ Chinese Medicine care nor do they arrive seeking the same kind of attention.

We design tailored, personal health programs that fit the special needs of our clients, taking into account the whole person and their life circumstances.

Acute or symptomatic care

Most people accessing Chinese Medicine for the first time are typically seeking treatment to manage acute pain or to produce a specific outcome such as pregnancy.

Chinese Medicine can assist with treating many acute symptoms. and caters well for those people who prefer to manage their health by dropping in and out of care, presenting only when they are experiencing symptoms.

This symptomatic approach is perfectly appropriate for people who have acute, short term health problems or those interested in achieving specific outcomes.

Symptomatic treatment approaches, however, are not the main strength of Chinese Medicine.

The initial treatment phase

The chronology or history of dis-ease is very important to Chinese Medicine Practitioners, who are essentially interested in knowing what it is about this particular person that is producing this combination of symptoms.

The initial phase treatment is usually more hands-on with in-house clinic visits required to assess progress, confirm the diagnosis, and review and modify treatment.

Acupuncture treatment tends to play a greater role than Chinese Herbal Medicine at first, but once the treatment is working well, the focus may move towards a longer-term herbal based treatment approach.

Addressing the underlying root cause

Most people have been conditioned by our Western medical culture to expect fast results and can be content with dramatic short term improvement in their symptoms, and less focused on the need to address the underlying causes that predisposed them to illness in the first place.

It usually takes a little longer to dramatically and sustainably enhance health and longevity with Chinese Medicine, especially if symptoms have been presenting for some time.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is the mainstay of ongoing maintenance programs.  A combination of over-the-phone, email or Skype consultation and clinic visitations may be part of the treatment process.

Up to a month of Chinese Herbal Medicine can be supplied at once.  No consultation fee is charged for this service although a 10% GST levy applies to all ‘takeaway’ herb products.

Herbs can either be collected in person from the clinic or sent by Express Post for next business day delivery. A postage fee applies for this service.

Clients may need to visit the clinic for a case review. In any event, periodic Chinese Medicine clinic tune-ups around the change of season may help to detect and correct minor health problems before they develop into more serious ones.

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